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The addiction to pornography is similar to the one to drugs and often appears in an attempt to cope with emotional pain. It happens gradually, with the person in question preferring pornography to actual interactions. Over time, the porn addiction will disrupt every area of one's life, including personal relationships and work. More often than not, this type of addiction stems from the desire to avoid the vulnerability associated with intimacy. Fortunately, there are inpatient addiction treatment programs designed especially for this intimacy disorder. Keep on reading to discover more information on the subject.

You will have to think long and hard about this question. As you will discover for yourself, the inpatient addiction programs for porn addicts are quite elaborate. In creating such programs, various factors are considered, including the frequency of use, length of addiction, and emotional issues. Studies have confirmed that inpatient programs offer the best chances of recovery, helping patients refrain from returning to pornography on the long run. Those dealing with severe addictions benefit the most from such programs, as they will leave the dysfunctional living environment and the potential triggers. As part of the inpatient stay, they will learn to address those triggers, without resorting to pornography.

What do inpatient addiction treatment programs offer?

If you are battling an intimacy disorder, you might want to think about checking into an inpatient addiction treatment program. The main requirement is to remain in the respective center for the entire program duration. Medical specialists and therapists are there for you every step of the way, providing the necessary supervision and support. They offer help as soon as you need it, helping you overcome your porn addiction and return to a healthy way of life. Your daily schedule will include both therapy and counseling, as well as diverse activities to keep you busy and engaged.

Who can check into an addiction treatment center? Well, the truth is that such programs are open to anyone, no matter the age, gender, or occupation. Many centers have even developed inpatient programs for teenagers battling porn addiction. All patients will be helped to overcome the difficult withdrawal phase, often with a combination of medication and therapy. Without the immediate availability of pornography, many patients become aggressive and irritable. Mental health issues, such as fear of intimacy, depression, and anxiety will come to the surface. The recovery entails that patients learn how to be vulnerable and accept real-life intimacy, with consideration to potential triggers.

For those who are also battling other types of addiction, such as the one to drugs or alcohol, there are inpatient addiction treatment centers that offer multi-interventional programs. Patients are learning to work against the triggers leading to addiction and counteract the potential health consequences of their problems. The specialists working within the respective center will monitor all the patients around-the-clock, especially during the initial period, when more support might be necessary. Intervention plans are adjusted according to the patient's history of addiction, as well as the medical history. Some patients might also take medication for co-existing conditions, so the recovery programs should take these into account as well.

Each addiction treatment center has its own inpatient programs, which are developed in accordance with the patient's needs and challenges experienced. Among the factors considered for addiction recovery, there are: severity of porn addiction, how long has one been addicted to pornography, medical history, emotional issues, mental health, co-existing conditions, etc. Generally speaking, the recovery programs vary between 30 and 90 days, with the inpatient stay being mandatory for the entire program duration.

The most important thing to remember is that such programs are intensive, being best suited for those fighting severe addictions. For the first week of the inpatient addiction program, the patient is helped to overcome the withdrawal period. The brain will learn to function without pornography, with therapy and medication being used to address symptoms such as aggressiveness, irritation, or agitation. Recovery usually continues with therapy and counseling, with patients discovering the root causes of their addiction. They will learn how to embrace real-life intimacy and stay in healthy relationships, without relying on pornography as an emotional crutch.

It is worth mentioning that the treatment duration varies from one patient to the other. As stated above, the shortest program lasts around 30 days, but most patients need more time to overcome their porn addiction. Naturally, the inpatient stay is a significant advantage to consider, as patients are removed from the environment that led to their addiction in the first place. They are "obliged" to commit to the recovery process, learning how to deal with intimacy issues and seek out relationships that are beneficial. The longer the porn addiction has unfolded, the harder the recovery process will be. Pornography teaches the brain to embrace instant gratification, so it takes time before one is able to re-wire his/her thought patterns and motivation.

Sex addiction treatment facilities - services and amenities

Once one checks into an inpatient addiction treatment center, he/she will benefit from a wide array of services and amenities. Most facilities offer either private or semi-private rooms, with common areas for all patients to share. General services are available, including meal plans, general maintenance, laundry and linen service, housekeeping, 24/7 security. All the patients have access to the withdrawal program, which is based on a combination of medication and therapy. Patients will benefit from diverse therapies and counseling, with individual and group sessions organized.

Each addiction treatment facility will offer its own services and amenities, in accordance with the type of addiction. Patients might benefit from planned activities that can be done either individually or as a group, a library, fitness center, etc. Within luxury facilities, there are additional amenities available, including meditation classes, swimming pool, horseback riding, sunrooms, saunas, and nutritional counseling. Relaxation is a major priority of such programs, as it is believed it will help patients focus on their recovery process.

In terms of therapy, those who are addicted to pornography benefit from a wide range of choices. Patients spend their time in a healing environment, where they heal without judgment. Therapy starts with helping the patient understand that pornography addiction stems from a compulsion, with recovery being 100% possible. Cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling will help patients get to the root cause of their compulsion. Such root causes often include depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, or early life trauma. Pornography might not be related to the desire for pleasure, but rather as a way of dealing with stress.

Advantages of inpatient addiction treatment programs

The main benefit is related to having to stay in the respective facility between one and three months. In consequence, you will be far away from potential triggers and dysfunctional environments that might reinforce your addiction. As research has confirmed, inpatient addiction programs guarantee the best chances of recovery, including when it comes to porn addiction. Patients are helped to overcome the difficult withdrawal period, often with a mix of medication and therapy. They have the opportunity to focus exclusively on their recovery, with access to counseling and various therapies. As for the intervention plans, these are always developed with the patient's needs in mind.

All the patients undergo an initial evaluation, which will be necessary to determine one's physical and mental health. The treatment plan will address not only the actual porn addiction, but also its root causes. For instance, many patients are surprised to discover that their addiction is related to their ability to process uncomfortable feelings. Patients are taught to acknowledge the factors contributing to their intimacy disorder, including trauma and neglect from early childhood. Together with their therapist, they will explore the fear of intimacy and vulnerability. They will discuss pornography and how it makes them feel, so they are able to recognize the impact of addiction on the personal and work life. In addition, they will learn to identify the fantasy-like effect of porn and how to differentiate it from real-life situations.

Another major advantage to consider is that such programs address co-existing mental health issues. Therapy helps patients work on their compulsive behaviors, with consideration to dysfunctional thought patterns. Such treatment programs will address mental illnesses, such as the borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, drug or substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. If these issues are properly addressed in therapy, the risk of relapse is considerably lower.

As porn sobriety is one of the major goals of recovery, many patients learn how to manage both electronic devices and the respective television access to stay sober. Emotional issues, trauma in particular, are addressed in a safe space. There is no judgment or pressure to recover, all patients get better in their own time. Counseling and porn addiction therapy might be offered individually or for groups. Alternative therapies might be available, including: trauma-focused therapy, equine-assisted therapy, 12-step programs. Sometimes, family members are invited to attend therapy sessions, so that the patient can repair damaged relationships.

Depending on the facility, there might be gender-specific addiction treatment programs available. This is especially true for women, who might have a difficult time acknowledging their addiction to pornography. Specialists consider that both men and women require gender-specific treatment, in accordance with their unique needs. As part of the treatment program, they will learn to process childhood trauma and other factors contributing to such compulsions, including the fear of intimacy and vulnerability. Such programs help patients learn new communication and relationship skills, with focus on self-soothing and coping. One will discover how to create and maintain intimacy, as well as work towards greater self-esteem.

The progress made by each patient is evaluated regularly, so that the specialists working within the respective facility can determine whether the intervention plan is working or not. The main goals include: porn sobriety, recovery from addiction, identifying and working on root causes, abstinence. It is worth mentioning that patients are handled by a multidisciplinary team, which includes different specialists. Aside from psychologists, the patient will interact with addiction counselors, therapists, continuing care coordinators, clinical case managers, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, etc. All these specialists contribute to the development of the personalized intervention plans.

What questions to ask addiction treatment centers?

If you are interested in porn addiction therapy, you might consider checking out the different facilities in your area that provide such services. Most facilities offer guided tours of their campus, so prospective patients can form an idea about what they have available. During the tour, be sure to ask as many questions as possible, as the staff is usually prepared to provide detailed answers.

Important questions you might consider asking an addiction treatment center:

If you are battling porn addiction, consider getting specialized help as soon as possible. You can start by researching different inpatient addiction treatment centers and checking their programs. Be sure to sign up for the campus tours, as you can use these to form an idea about each center and what it has to offer. Each facility has personalized intervention plans, with regular assessments of the progress made. Patients are helped to achieve porn sobriety and work on the root causes of their addiction, learning how to embrace real-life intimacy and allow themselves to feel vulnerable. Within the addiction treatment facility, you will have a healthy network of support, people who will help you get through the recovery process and return to normal living.

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